Introduction to AutoCAD.

Introduction to AutoCAD

Introduction to AutoCAD | What is Autocad? | learn free Autocad only at | learn something new. | learn online.

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In the previous article, we learn about What is Autocad? So today we are talking about the Basic Introduction of the AutoCAD screen.

This will first appear when we turn on AutoCAD.

Startup Interface of Autocad (Introduction to AutoCAD)

Startup interface screen
Startup interface screen Autocad

1. Get Started

The first part is useful to open our workspace screen.

2. Start Drawing

By clicking on this option we can get a new workspace screen, in which we can start to draw or design our new drawing.

3. Open the file

By clicking on this option we can open our saved drawings or designs which were designed in the past.

Open a Sheet set

By clicking on this option, we can open any sheet set which we have saved in the past in AutoCAD.

Get more templates online:

Template means some settings are changed in AutoCAD workspace like units, plot style, etc according to our requirement and saved as templates.

So that by open that template, not necessary to change settings every time and we can save more time. By clicking on this option, we can get more templates online if needed.

Introduction to AutoCAD By clicking on ‘Start drawing’ we get this workspace screen as below

Workspace screen
Workspace screen AutoCAD

1. Explore Sample Drawing

By clicking on this option we can explore our sample drawings in other formats like .dws, .dxf 

2. Recent Document

The second part is useful for directly open any drawing or design which is created recently or in the past.

3. Notification & Connect

If we have an Autodesk account then we can sign in from the connect option. If Autodesk has any upgrade in the AutoCAD version, it will show you in a notification.

And if you want to give any feedback, that also you can write in feedback. Also, we can see tutorials and learning sources from here.

In the workspace, Earlier we introduced to you the starting interface screen of AutoCAD.

let’s see the user interface.


Here we can see some vertical and horizontal grids lines. That is called major grid lines and minor grid lines.

Application Menu (Autocad 2D)

In the application menu, we can see some options like.

Application menu AutoCAD
Application menu AutoCAD

1) New (Uses for open new AutoCAD drawing)

2) Open(Uses for open previous created drawings)

3) Save(Uses for save file)

4) Save as(Uses for giving saving path)

5) Import(Uses for import any format file allowed in software like pdf, image)

6) Export (Uses for export designs or drawings in other formats like DWG, PDF, DGN, or other formats)

7) Publish (Uses for share AutoCAD file directly to e-transmit or email)

8) Print (Uses for print drawing or designs)

9) Drawing Utilities (Utilities provided by software like show drawing properties, compare two drawings, change units, audit, status, etc.)

10) Close (Uses for exit from the AutoCAD)

11) Options (All detailed settings are available in options)

We can open previous drawings directly from the files available on the right side.

4. Quick Access Toolbar

In this panel, AutoCAD shows the same options available in the application menu like new, open, save, save as, undo, redo, import, export, print, etc. We can also hide these options from the arrow available on the right side of this toolbar.

1) Workspace – There are three options are available in the workspace:

Workspace options Introduction to AutoCAD.
Workspace options Introduction to AutoCAD.

2) Drafting and annotation: This workspace is normally useful to create 2D drawings or designs.

3) 3D basic: This workspace is used for 3D basic drawings. Normally, this is not a more usable workspace.

4) 3D modeling: This workspace is useful for 3d modeling of 2D drawings or designs.

5. Info Bar

Info Bar shows user information if you have an account in Autodesk or sign in option, license manage options, etc.

6. Ribbon

Some tabs are available in Ribbon. And In tabs, many panels are available.

Tabs: First row in Ribbon, there are tabs that are available in AutoCAD like Home, Insert, Annotate, Parametric, View, Manage, Output, etc.

Panels: In the Home tab, there are many options available like Draw, Modify, Annotation, Layers, Block, Properties, Groups, etc. which are called panels.

Tools: In every panel, there are options and icons are available like Line, Circle, Arc, etc. which are called tools. By using these tools we can draw any drawing or designs.

7. File Tab

By adding new files in the file tab, we can very easily switch one drawing from another drawing. It saves too much time for the designer.

8. Viewport, View controls, Visual style control

View control and Visual style control is using in 3D modeling.

By selecting an option from the viewport configuration list, we can customize our viewport from one to two or three or four viewports. This is useful in 2D and 3D both.

By using view controls we can see our model from the Top, Bottom, Left side, Right side, Frontside, Backside, etc. directly.

By using visual style control we can see our model in a realistic view, 2D wireframe, shaded of grey, X-ray, etc which we want to see.

9. View Cube Introduction to AutoCAD

This is also used for 3D modeling. By view cube, we can directly control options of view controls like a top, bottom, front, back, etc without going in view control.

10. Navigation Bar Introduction to AutoCAD

The navigation bar also uses for 2D and 3D modeling both. Many options are available in the navigation bar like Pan. Orbit, Zoom in, Zoom out, etc.

11. Layout Tab Introduction to AutoCAD

Layout tab is using to convert any small area of drawing into sheet layout or pdf layout for printing purposes.

12. Command Bar Introduction to AutoCAD

For instruct commands, the command line is available in AutoCAD. We can control any tools from the command bar by giving commands. We can place anywhere this bar by drag and drop.

13. Status Bar Introduction to AutoCAD

A status bar shows many classic and useful icons like Display grid line, Snap mode, Ortho, Polar snapping, Isometric drawing, Line weight, Transparency, Units, workspace, and many more.

We can customize these icons by clicking on three lines placed on the right side corner of the status bar.

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