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Earlier we learned all commands available in the Modify panel like Move, Copy, Erase, Array, Offset, etc.

Now we will learn something new that is how to create text in the AutoCAD from the Annotation panel.

So, let’s get started.

Autocad Texted

Annotation panel AutoCAD Texted
Annotation panel-AutoCAD

Text command is very useful for add text or writes something into the drawing in a short time.

We can invoke text command from the ‘Annotation’ panel in the ‘Home’ tab. Or we can type ‘TEXT’ in the command bar and press the Enter key.

Text command has Two types

1. Multiline text

2. Single line text

We can select these types by clicking on the Text command drop-down menu or type ‘MT’ for the Multiline text and ‘DT’ for the Single-line text in the command bar and press the Enter key.

We will learn how to use two types of text one by one.

Multiline Text (AutoCAD Texted)


Multiline text creates multiline text. It means by using multiline text we can write long writing in a paragraph, point-wise, and in the column.

We can also change the format, text, text-height, etc.


Select ‘Multiline text’ from the Text drop-down menu. Or we can type ‘MT’ in the command bar and press the Enter key.

It will ask for ‘specify the first corner’ and then ‘specify opposite corner’. Specify the first corner and the opposite corner and make one box, in which we want to create text.

The text will be display between two vertical lines as shown below.

Multiline text (MTEXT)
Multiline text-AutoCAD

At the time of making a box, some options will appear in the command bar. We can do all settings from these options before writing text as per requirement.

One box will open. Write the text over there.

Click anywhere in the workspace for coming out from the text command.


Edit Method-1 AutoCAD Texted

We can edit text by double-clicking on the text.

‘Text Editor’ tab will be open at the top of the workspace as shown. We can edit all things from this panel.

Text Editor tab-AutoCAD
Text Editor tab-AutoCAD

Style Panel

We can change the text style from Standard to the Annotative. Standard text style is the default style. Annotative style is useful when we want to add the same size of the text in different scale layouts.

For example, we have one layout sheet and one drawing is big (plan) and it is created on a 1:50 scale. And second drawing is small (component-door) and it is created in a 1:20 scale. Then use ‘Annotative’ to add the same size of the text.

How to use Annotative text? (AutoCAD Texted)


Go to the layout sheet in the AutoCAD and double-click on the drawing.

We can see the scale of the layout at the bottom of the workspace in the status bar.

Status bar-AutoCAD
Status bar-AutoCAD


Go to the model layout and change the Annotative text style from the ‘Annotation panel’ drop-down menu as shown.


Change ‘Annotation scale’ from the status bar as same as the layout sheet.


Select ‘Multiline text’, select first corner and give height of the text.

We can give height by selecting the ‘Height’ option from the command bar or type ‘H’ and press the Enter key and give height.

Repeat again these steps to give a text to another drawing of the layout sheet.

We can also change text height from the Text editor tab.

We can also add a rectangular block behind the text by selecting the ‘Mask’ option.

Formatting panel

We can match text formatting by selecting ‘Match’. Select text formatting which is perfect and then select the ‘Match’ option and then select the text which we want to edit.

We can change text style to Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline, Overline, Superscript, Subscript, etc as same as the Microsoft word.

We can also change font style and font color from the Formatting panel.

Paragraph panel

From the ’Justification’ option, we can adjust the paragraph at the top left, top center, etc as per requirement.

We can also add Bullets and numbering with the paragraph from the paragraph panel.

We can also change space between the lines from this panel.

 There are options that are available to adjust the paragraph at the left side, Center, Right side, etc as per requirement.

Insert panel

We can also insert columns as per requirement from the column option, we can also adjust the space between two columns from there.

Also,We can insert symbols from this panel.

Edit Method-2 (AutoCAD Texted)

We can edit our text or paragraph from the Ruler by double-clicking on the text as shown.

Multiline text rular-AutoCAD
Multiline text rular-AutoCAD

First-line indent

We can make paragraphs or adjust our paragraph starting space by this symbol.

Hanging indent

We can adjust the starting space of one line or all line by using a hanging indent.


A tab is used to move all text on the left or right side. We cannot write text out of the tab line.

Width Resizer

We can increase/decrease our box width by using width resize. The width of our text is determined by the width of the box.

Corner & Height resizer

We can resize all box size or box height by corner and height resize.

Edit Method-3 (AutoCAD Texted)

We can also move and resize corners of the box without double-clicking on the text.

By clicking on the text, we can see three blue dot points like as shown.

Blue dots Multiline text-AutCAD
Blue dots Multiline text-AutCAD

By selecting and dragging a square blue dot point, we can move that text.

By selecting and dragging a triangular blue dot point, we can increase/decrease box size at the upper or right side.

2. Single line text (AutoCAD Texted)


Single line text creates text only in a single line. That means we cannot write text in a paragraph like a multiline text.

If we want to write text in any rotation angle and writing is short, then we can use Single line text. Also, Single line text has not edited options like Multiline text.


Select ‘Single line text’ from the ‘Text’ drop-down menu in the Annotation panel in the Home tab. Or we can type ‘DT’ in the command bar and press the Enter key.

It will ask for ‘specify the start point of text’. Specify the first point where you want to add text.

Then it will ask for ‘specify height’. Specify text height as per requirement.

After that, it will ask for a ‘rotation angle of the text’. Give rotation angle or give as per any line or randomly.

We can write the text there. Click on anywhere in the workspace for coming out.

Edit (Autocad Texted)

We can edit our single-line text by right-clicking on the text. And select the ‘properties’ option.

Single line text-AutoCAD
Single line text-AutoCAD

One dialogue-box will be open there. We can edit all the things available over there like color, scale, transparency, text style, text height, justification, rotation, etc.

This editing method is also applicable to the Multiline text.

Annotate Tab (AutoCAD Texted)

If we don’t want to edit text every time, then click on the ‘Annotate’ tab. And click on the arrow as shown.

Annotate tab-AutoCAD
Annotate tab-AutoCAD

One dialogue box will be open there as shown below. We can modify all the things available there as per the requirement for the whole drawing.

Text modify-AutoCAD
Text modify-AutoCAD

Text System variable (Autocad Texted)

The Text variable is some settings of the text in the AutoCAD. When we double click to edit the text, which kind of setting we need it is decided by this setting.

 Here are some variable numbers which are used for system settings.

0 – It is the default setting. When we use 0 for system variable, ‘Text Editor Panel’ will show at the top of the workspace as shown below.

0 variable number in Texted -AutoCAD
0 variable number in AutoCAD Texted

1) When we use 1 for the variable system, AutoCAD will show ‘Text Editor Panel’ at the upper side of the text as shown below.

1 variable number in texted - AutoCAD
1 variable number in Autocad texted

2) It is the same as 0 number. ‘Text Editor Panel’ will show at the top of the workspace and AutoCAD will zoom selected text.

Multiline text- Type ‘MTEXTTOOLBAR’ in the command bar. And Give any variable number from 0,1, or 2.

Single line text – Type ‘DTEXTED’ in the command bar. And Give any variable number from 0,1, or 2.

NOTE: We cannot see ‘Text Editor Panel’ in the Single-line text. We can only add text as per requirement by double-clicking on that.

Tutorial of Autocad Texted is finish now..

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