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Earlier we learned the Array command in detail. Now we will learn how to use the Offset command in AutoCAD.

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offset command symbol in AutoCAD Modify panel
offset command symbol in AutoCAD Modify panel

What does Offset mean?

The AutoCAD Offset command is a very useful and time-saving command in AutoCAD.

Offset command is used to create parallel lines, concentric circles, and parallel curves.

We can make many copies of the line at a particular distance in a short time by using the offset command in AutoCAD.

The offset command is working as a copy command for lines. But for circles, rectangle, arc, or any polyline objects, it is not working as the copy command.

It will copy a circle or any object at a particular distance but as per the proportion from the center. Let’s learn how to use offset.

How to use the Offset command in AutoCAD?

We can invoke this command. from the modify panel in the Home tab. Or we can type ‘O’ (AutoCAD offset shortcut key) in the command bar and press the Enter key to offset an object.

AutoCAD Offset command
AutoCAD Offset command

By invoking the Offset command, it will ask for ‘specify offset distance’. It is important to specify the distance in this command.

Give distance as per requirement at which you want to make copies.

Then it will ask ‘select object to offset’. Select the object which you want a copy.

After that, it will ask ‘select point on side to this command. Click on anywhere which side you want a copy of the object. It will make another copy of this command.

To make another copy, it is not necessary to do the whole process. Just select the previous copied offset and again select it at any side.

To make multiple this command at any one particular side, select ‘multiple’ from the command bar at the time of selecting one point at anyone’s side as shown. And just click on that side.

Multiple option in this command-AutoCAD
Multiple option in Offset command-AutoCAD

Example Of AutoCAD offset

1) Line (AutoCAD offset)

For example, I want to draw staircase lines and I want to use this command to draw parallel lines.

 In addition, Select this command from the modify panel in the Home tab. Or type ‘O’ in the command bar and press the Enter key.

Then give dimension. For example 300mm.

After that, select the first drawn line and click on one side.

 However, I will select a previous parallel copied line and will select ‘multiple’ from the command bar.

Then I will only click on the one side. I t will make parallel copies automatically.

Line example
Line offset example-AutoCAD

2) Circle AutoCAD offset

For example, I want to create some concentric circles on the inner side of the first circle.

The process is the same as above. Select the inner side of this command.

We can also offset polyline objects same as the  circle.

NOTE: If you want to offset a series of connected lines as a polyline, (rectangle), and either draw a polyline or convert the individual line segments into a polyline with the Join command. If you draw a series of line segments with the Line command and then you are trying to offset all segments, you have to pick each segment and offset it individually.

Circle offset example
Circle example-AutoCAD

3. Arc offset

For example, I want to parallel curves.

 In addition, The process is the same as above. In conclusion, We can see a difference as shown.

Arc example
Arc example-AutoCAD

AutoCAD offset settings

Now, the question is can we fillet or chamfer the edges of offset object?

So, the answer is yes, we can do by using the offset system variable. Do this setting:

The current setting is, Erase source=No, Layer=Source, OFFSETGAPTYPE=0

By changing this ‘OFFSETGAPTYPE’ system variable setting we can fillet the edges.

Type ‘OFFSETGAPTYPE’ in the command bar and press Enter key.

Give 0,1, or 2 number as per requirement and press Enter key.

System variable numbers:

0 = Extend line segments at a sharp corner to their projected intersections.

1 = It Fillets line segments. And the radius of the line equals the offset distance which you have given.

2 = It chamfers line segments. And the perpendicular distance from each chamfer to the corresponding vertex is equal to the offset distance.

Now we will discuss some AutoCAD offset command problems:

One of the problems is AutoCAD offset distance is not working

So, the solution is firstly to check your Unit setting and Dimension settings. It should be the same. And secondly, the Unit setting and offset distance are you entering is the same or not. For example, the unit set is in meter or mm and you are giving offset distance in inch or feet. In this case, the offset command distance will not work. So, In conclusion, both should be the same.

It’s done.

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