How to use Rectangular Array command in AutoCAD?

Rectangular Array

Rectangular Array | How to use a Rectangular Array command in AutoCAD? | A to Z full tutorial with pictures.

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Earlier we learned the Fillet command from the modified panel. Now we will learn the ‘Array‘ command. This command has three parts.

We will learn the Rectangular Array command which is the first command from the Array command. So, let’s get started.

What is Rectangular Array?

Array command AutoCAD
Array command AutoCAD

The rectangular array command is called the arrangement of the object into rows, columns, and levels that form a rectangle. We can create multiple copies of an object in the form of a rectangle using the Rectangular Array in AutoCAD.

The Array command is very useful for distributing evenly copies of the object along with row, column, any path, or circular path. This command is a very time-saving command.

This command is placed on the Modify panel in the Home tab. Or we can type ‘ARRAY’ in the command bar and press the Enter key to invoke the array command.

Array command has three methods to evenly copy the object. We can select another two methods of the Array by clicking on the Array command’s drop-down menu.

It is necessary to already draw any object to use the Array command. We will see all three methods with examples one by one.

Rectangular Array command
Rectangular Array command AutoCAD

The Rectangular array distributes evenly copies of the selected object in rows and columns in rectangular shape.

We can invoke the rectangular array command from the Array command drop-down menu in the Modify panel in the Home tab. Or we can type ‘ARRAYRECT’ in the command bar and press the Enter key.

It is necessary the object is already drawn for use array command. After invoking the command, it will ask for ‘select object’. Select object and right-click.

The object will be copied automatically in Rectangular shape as shown.

Modify Row, Column, and Space

There are two methods to change numbers of rows and column and change space between rows and columns

The first method of Rectangular Array

After right-click, the object will be copied in a rectangular shape, and one panel will be open at the top of the workspace as shown.

Rectangular array panel
Rectangular array panel AutoCAD

We can add/subtract numbers of rows and columns and can change space between two rows and columns from this panel.

By default, we can select the entire copied array by clicking on one array. But if we want to separate the entire array then click on ‘Associative’. It will separate the entire copied array.

We can also change ‘Basepoint’ from this panel. Click on the base point and select the object point which you want as a base point.

Second method of Rectangular Array

After right-click, the object will be copied in a rectangular shape, and then we can see some dots in the objects as shown.

Modify Rectangular array
Modify Rectangular array in AutoCAD

Select at the upper right corner object dot and drag it. By dragging at the right side it will add columns and by dragging the upper side, it will add rows.

Similarly dragging at the opposite side, it will subtract rows and columns.

By selecting and dragging the upper left corner object point, it will add/subtract numbers of rows and columns at the left side as the same as the right side.

Increase/Decrease in-between space

To increase space between column spaces, select a triangular dot point at the lower row and drag it. And for increase/decrease space between rows, select a rectangular point at the middle row pointed at the upper side. And drag it.

Edit Source

We can edit our source which was first drawn by us.

Close array at the first time and select again all copied array.

One new panel will open with some new options as shown.

New Rectangular array AutoCAD

Select ‘Edit source’ from there.

Then it will ask ‘select object in array’. Select that object which we want as a new source object.

Click on Ok.

Replace Item

For example, if we want to replace the rectangle instead of a circle, then click on ‘Replace item’.

Then it will ask for ‘select replacement object’. Select the newly drawn object (rectangle) and right-click.

Then it will ask for ‘select base point of replacement objects’. Select any base point as per the requirement of a newly drawn object (the center point of a rectangle).

At last, it will ask for ‘Select an item in the array to replace’. Select those objects (circles) which we want to replace as shown.

Replace item in Rectangular array AutoCAD

It’s finish now.

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