How to change unit in AutoCAD?

How to change unit in AutoCAD

How to change the unit in AutoCAD? | A to Z full tutorial with pictures.

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Earlier we have seen the full Introduction of AutoCAD and its interfaces. Now we will discuss some important settings of the workspace.

Before starting any drawing it is very important to set a Unit of the drawing.

The unit setting means if we want to draw our drawing in Inches and feet or meters and millimeters, then it is necessary to do some settings in AutoCAD.

Without a set unit in AutoCAD, we cannot draw drawing precisely as per dimension.

Do you know How to change unit in AutoCAD?


We can save that unit setting as per our requirement as a template. By saving a template, it is not necessary to set units or any settings every time.

We will see How to set a unit in AutoCAD.

How to change the unit in AutoCAD?

Units in Autocad

In AutoCAD, we can set unit by two methods,

1) First Method Type ‘UNIT’ in the command bar and press the Enter key. By press the Enter key, we will see one dialogue box. From this dialogue box, we can set units as required.

2) In a second Method Go to the ‘Application menu’ at the top left corner of the AutoCAD workspace screen and select the ‘Drawing utilities‘ option. From the Drawing utility option, we have to select the ‘Units’ option. By selecting the units option, one dialogue box will open. From this dialogue box, we can set units as per requirement.

Now, we will see the details of the Unit’ dialogue box.

AutoCAD provides us a facility to set unit for length and angle separately as shown.

Select type and precision of unit as your requirement.

Length Unit Types are as below

Length Units
Length Units

1) Architectural

2) Decimal

3) Engineering

 4) Fractional

5) Scientific

We will learn all Methods One by One..

1) Architectural

Architectural units are based on feet and inches. Select proper precision as you want. The base unit is the inch unless otherwise specified and this unit shows frictional units, so if you enter a number like 145.5, then AutoCAD will understand it to be 12′1 1/2″. Also, change the ‘Insertion unit’ in inches or feet from millimeters.

2) Decimal

Decimal units are unitless. They are not based on any particular unit. We can set millimeters, meters, centimeters, or any suitable units in decimal. Also set ‘Insertion unit’ as required. An example is 10.5.

3) Engineering

Engineering units are the same as architectural units. It is also based on inches and feet unit but it represents partial inches like 12’1.5”. Set precision as required. Also, change the ‘Insertion unit’ in inches or feet from millimeters.

 4) Fractional

Fractional units are unitless the same as decimal units. But fractional units show values as fractional rather than decimals like 10 ½.

5) Scientific

Scientific units, also unit less and show values as exponents. This unit shows units the same as a scientific calculator.

These units are used for a really very tiny or very big drawing. If you design molecules or galaxy, this is a useful unit for you.  Example would be 10.2E+06 (which is 10,200,000) or 10.2E-06 (which is 0.0000102)

Angle Unit Types are as below

Angle Units
Angle Units

1) Decimal Degrees

2) Deg/Min/Sec

3) Grads

4) Radians

5) Surveyor’s unit

We will learn all Metods One by One..

1) Decimal Degrees

Decimal degree units are showing decimal numbers. By doing work with this unit is easiest if allowed in your project. It shows numbers like 10.5 the same as the length decimal unit.

2) Deg/Min/Sec (How to change unit in AutoCAD)

Deg/Min/Sec is based on dividing a degree into minutes and minutes into seconds. Seconds are not fine enough to display AutoCAD’s precision capabilities, so seconds can be further divided into decimals.

There is no degree symbol on the standard keyboard, so AutoCAD uses the lowercase letter d. An example would be 40d30′10.724″.

3) Grads (How to change unit in AutoCAD)

Grads are also called Gradient. This is a mathematical unit. Mathematically, 90 degrees angle=100 grads.

So we can say that a total of 400 grades are available in one circle. We can give a 45-degree angle by giving 50 grades. Also set precision as per requirement.

4) Radians (How to change unit in AutoCAD)

Radians are also mathematical units. Mathematically, radian means “pi” and the value of pi is 3.14. In the circle, 180 degrees is pi and 360 degrees is 2*pi. We can set precision as per requirement.

5) Surveyor’s unit (How to change unit in AutoCAD)

This unit is the same as Deg/Min/Sec but the difference is this unit also shows proper sun direction. This unit is useful for civil engineers for plotting geometrical map. An example would be N30d10’12” E.

Know-How to change unit in AutoCAD from our Youtube channel.

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