How to Use Mirror command?

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Hey Guys, previously we learned how to use Rotate command to rotate the object. Now we will learn how to use Mirror command in AutoCAD. So, let’s get started.

Modify panel
  • Mirror command is a very important and useful command in AutoCAD. This command is placed in the Modify panel in the Home tab.
  • The Mirror command creates a reverse copy of an object. After you select some objects, AutoCAD asks you to select two points that define a line about which the objects will be mirrored.
  • You can then erase or delete the source objects. Follow these steps to use this command.
Mirror command
Mirror command
  • Mirror command is placed in the modified panel in the Home tab. Or we can type ‘MI’ in the command bar for invoke this command
  • Select at least one object and right-click or press Enter key for end selection.
  • AutoCAD will ask for the first picking point. Select the first reference point for the mirror object.
  • Then AutoCAD will ask for a second picking point. Select the second reference point.
  • The will be shown mirrored.
  • Sometimes we can also enable Ortho or Polar tacking mode or Snap mode for mirror objects precisely.

Then AutoCAD will ask for an ‘erase source model?’ Give yes or No as needed.

We will see one example of showing how to use Mirror command.

Mirror command example
Mirror command example
  • If I want to mirror this object on the other side.
  • Draw one reference line or turn on snap and polar tracking mode.
  • Select this command from the Modify panel in the Home tab. Or type ‘MI’ in the command bar.
  • Select the whole object by ‘right to left’ selection method.
  • Press Enter key or Right-click for end selection.
  • Select the first and second reference points if the reference line is not drawn or select the starting and ending point of the reference line.

The object will show in mirror

AutoCAD will ask for erase source model. I will select no.

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