How to use Rotate command?

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Hey Guys, Earlier we learned How to move, copy and erase objects from modify panel.

Now we will learn how to rotate objects by using Rotate command. So, let’s get start

Rotate command

Modify panel
Modify panel
  • Rotate command is very important and useful command in AutoCAD. This command is placed in the Modify panel in the Home tab.
  • This is useful to rotate any object from any base point in a 360 angle direction. Follow these steps to use this command.
Rotate command
Rotate command
  • Rotate command is placed in the modified panel in the Home tab. Or we can type ‘RO’ in the command bar for invoking this command.
  • After select this command, select the object which we want to do rotate.
  • Right-click.

Then AutoCAD asks you to specify the base point. Select any base point from where we want to rotate the object.

AutoCAD will ask for specify the angle of rotation. Give any angle as needed in 360 angle direction. The command is working in an anti-clockwise direction. To rotate any line or object on the lower side, we have to give a negative angle. e.g. -30.

The object will be rotated.

We will see one example of the this command. Follow these steps

Rotate command example
Rotate command example
  • I want to rotate this rectangle at the angle of 30 degrees in the clockwise direction.
  • Select this command from the modified panel in the Home tab. Or type ‘RO’ in the command bar and press Enter.
  • Select the whole rectangle by the ‘Right to left’ selection method.
  • Right-click.
  • Select the base point. I will select a corner point as a base point as shown in the image.
  • I want to rotate it in 30 degree in the clockwise direction. So, give rotation angle -30 as shown. Press ‘Enter’ key or ‘Right-click’.
  • A rectangle will rotate at 30 degree.

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