How to use Scale Command in Autocad?

Scale command in AutoCAD

How to Scale Command in Autocad? | A to Z full tutorial with pictures only at | learn Free AutoCAD here.

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Earlier we learned how to use the Stretch command and it’s used. Now we will learn how to use the Scale command.

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Scale Command in Autocad

Autoccad Modify panel
Autoccad Modify panel

1) Scale command is used for enlarging or reduce the size of the selected objects by keeping the proper proportion of objects after scaling.

2) It is a very useful command in AutoCAD.

3) So, We can scale our full drawing, any object, block, external imported drawings, or images or pdf by Scale command with keeping the same drawing proportion after scaling.

4) Therefore, We can also change the scale of the dimensions and texts by changing its scale from the properties. & We will learn it in the Annotation command.

5) AutoCAD scales the objects by the scale factor that you type, using the selected base point.

6) Numbers are greater than 1 increase the object’s sizes and numbers smaller than 1 but greater than 0 decreases the object’s sizes.

7) Negative scale factors are invalid in this command.

Scale command AutoCAD
Scale command in AutoCAD

Follow these steps to use the Scale command

1) Scale command is placed in the Modify panel in the Home tab. Or type ‘SC’ in the command bar and press Enter. Scale command will be invoked.

2) AutoCAD will ask for the select object. Select the whole object for change scale by ‘right to left’ selection method.

3) Right-click for coming out from selection.

4) After that AutoCAD will ask for a selection of base points. Select any base point from which object to be scale

5) After specifying a base point, give any scale factor number which you want and press the Enter key. Scale factor greater than 1 will increase the size of the object and scale factor number greater than o and less than 1 will decrease the size of the object as mentioned.

6) After press the Enter key, the object will be scaled.

7) We can also change the scale of the external imported references like image, block, or any drawing by using the same method as above.

How to use Scale Command?

1) For example, I have drawn one circle of 500 mm. And I want to decrease its half scale.

2) Select the scale command from the Modify panel in the Home tab. Or type ‘SC’ in the command bar and press the Enter key.

3) Select the circle by direct selection or the ‘right to left’ selection method.

4) Right-click for coming out from selection.

5) I will select the center point of a circle as a base point.

6) Now, I will give a 0.5 scale factor number for a decrease half scale.

7) Press the Enter key.

8) The circle will be scaled as shown.

Scale command example
Scale command example

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