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Some people are confused about what is different between AutoCAD and Solidworks. Or confused about which is the best among these two.

So let’s now discuss these two.

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FirstlyWe will discuss What is AutoCAD and Solidworks.

AutoCAD vs Solidworks

AutoCAD vs Solidworks
AutoCAD vs Solidworks

What is Autocad?

1) Firstly, AutoCAD is non-parametric cad software that was initially used for 2D drafting but it has also 3D functionality.

2) AutoCAD is developed by Autodesk.

3) In other words, The full form of AutoCAD is Automatic computer-aided design.

4) It enables “computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting

5) Therefore, AutoCAD was released in 1982 and it was the first cad software that runs on the personal computer.

What is Solidworks?

1) Firstly, SolidWorks software is a solid modeling application by the name giveaway.

2) In other words, It engages a parametric feature-based approach to model creation. 

3) In addition, MIT graduate Jon Hirschtick founded the SolidWorks Corporation, the company which developed the software, in 1993.

4) After two years, the first version of SolidWorks was released in November 1995.

5) In addition, SolidWorks fastly became the industry-standard solid modeling software, and ‘Dassault Systemes’ bought Solidworks in 1997.

6) In 2001, it corporate with its CAD features, which became its big strength.

7) Above all, Now we will discuss the Advantages of AutoCAD and Solidworks.

Advantages of AutoCAD (AutoCAD vs Solidworks)

Advantage of AutoCAD

1) Usability

2) Flexibility

3) Variety

4) Free student license:

5) Ability:

6) Cloud Storage:

1) Usability

In other words, This software allows users to conceptualize ideas, produce designs and drawings to the required levels of technical accuracy.

And even perform rapid design in technical areas like Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical, and other design-level workers.

However, AutoCAD allows users to accurately create construction documentation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems design.

2) Flexibility

In other words, AutoCAD has the flexibility to quickly change 2D annotation to AutoCAD 3D modeling.

3) Variety

Also, by growing multi-industries, AutoCAD collected its features into different versions targeted to specific industry standards.

For example, if you designing an electrical system, choose the Electrical version, which gives you the Electrical engineering-specific tools.

4) Free student license

In other words, Autodesk provides a free student license to learn or use the AutoCAD for students.

Whereas, Solidworks not providing any free version to use.

5) Ability

In other words, AutoCAD has the ability to make notes to the specific areas of a drawing.

In addition, In AutoCAD, we can import or export images and pdfs.

AutoCAD supports other vector formats such as DXF.

6) Cloud Storage

Similarly, If you’re fearful about losing your designs in a computer accident, or if you worried about your computer memory too full for peak performance, set your mind to relaxing with AutoCAD.

In addition, They have joined the cloud storage revolution, letting you access your designs anytime, anywhere if you have internet with no extra fees.

Advantage of Solidworks

1) Usability

2) Freehand sketch on touch screen devices

3) Photo-realistic

4) Simulation

5) 3D Experience

6) Electrical designs

1) Usability

Solidworks software is mainly useful for Mechanical Engineers and Electrical engineering solid machinery designs.

2) Freehand sketch on touch screen devices

For instance, The 2018 version taken SolidWorks with users who enjoy the interaction of the touch screen.

Now you can draw a freehand sketch by your ideas with the same support as a desktop.

3) Photo-realistic

In addition, SolidWorks software grew consistently better with the technology of rendering power.

In other words, Solidworks helps teams to clearly analyze and modify designs, Visualize supports advance creation of marketing materials, technical documentation, demonstration of videos, and other media.

4) Simulation

For instance, Provides a range of options for users looking to create the best products faster and with minimum waste.

For instance, Solidworks Standard software includes static linear, time-based motion, and high-cycle fatigue simulations.

In addition, By Upgrading to Professional, we can get design optimization, natural frequencies and buckling instabilities, mechanical resistances, heat transferring test, and sequential multi-physics simulations.

In other words, Premium is adding nonlinear & dynamic response, dynamic loading & composite materials.  

5) 3D Experience

They have created the 3D Experience module for SolidWorks, a file-sharing platform to ensure everyone is on the same page.

However, with the ability to open and edit shared projects as per requirement.

6) Electrical designs

However, Packages make it easy to create electrical schematics and incorporate them with the mechanical designs and 3D models.

Similarly, At the time of comparison AutoCAD electrical vs Solidwork electrical, Solidwork software is best for Electrical designs. (AutoCAD vs Solidworks)

In addition, Now we will see the clear difference between AutoCAD and Solidworks:

Autocad Versus Solidworks (AutoCAD vs Solidworks)


Difference Between Autocad Vs Solidworks

Ideally used for 2D drafting
Firstly, Some 2D drafting functions are included
3D modelling functionality is included.
In other words, Parametric feature-based modeling 3D design is intuitive
Available for Windows and Mac both
Available for Windows-compatible only
Free license for students
No free license
Only subscriptions can use
Endless and term license
AutoCAD price will run at $195 per month or $1,575 per year. 
The permanent license of SolidWorks Standard costs $3995, and the annual maintenance fee is $1,295. If you want to get the Professional version, $7995 with a $1450 maintenance fee.
View designs on the cloud with AutoCAD 360
However, Collaborate on the 3D EXPERIENCE platform
No simulation tools included
Range of simulation packages
Great for architectural design and MEP
Less useful in the building design sector
AutoCAD supports APIs files which are Auto LISP, VBA, .NET, and so on.
In AutoCAD software we have a lot of supporting plug-ins, drawing exchange format and this software also allows the number of exporting and importing formats as well.

SolidWorks CAD Software supports Microsoft’s storage file.
This file has various inbuilt parts with it and you can use third-party tools for extracting the sub-files from the storage file of SolidWorks software.
However, Solidworks saves three dimensional (3d) models in ‘.step’ file format.
No realistic visualization for 3D drawings, No rendering system and No high vector required
Solidworks has the technology of realistic rendering, it needs high vector memory

AutoCAD software is available in so many different languages that are English, German, Italian, Chinese, French, Russian, etc.

SolidWorks is available only in the English language.

Uses primarily in the architecture, engineering and design sectors, wide used by Architects, home builders as well as civil engineers for structural works.
Uses primarily in automotive, aerospace, engineering and design sectors as well as CNC works on them.
AutoCAD vs Solidworks
Solidworks 3D Drawing
Solidworks 3D
AutoCAD 3D Drawing
AutoCAD 3D

Conclusion of Autocad Vs Solidworks

In conclusion, SolidWorks has more 3D options than AutoCAD.

But secondly, AutoCAD has more significant functions for 2D drafting.

So which is best? Ultimately, we have to decide this from what we are designing.

2D Drafting or Designs (AutoCAD vs Solidworks)

However, Maybe AutoCAD is the best 2D CAD system in the industry.

It has a library of tools and features are built from simple geometry.

Firstly, 3D sketch processes do not render as much 3D detail as parametric-based programs, so for 3D.

it is not more useful. (AutoCAD vs Solidworks)

In other words, but for 2D drafting or designing, it is best.

Therefore, the conclusion is if you are in the civil or architectural field, AutoCAD is best for you.

3D Modeling (AutoCAD vs Solidworks)

In other words, SolidWorks software will be a much better choice for 3D modeling. 

Therefore, You will be able to use full advantage of all the realistic details you can get from its rendering and simulation tools, making your prototyping process a model of efficiency.

Therefore, the conclusion is if you are from an Electrical or mechanical field, Solidworks is best for you.

In other words, Autodesk has invented a new 3D modeling software.

This was ‘AutoCAD Inventor’.

Which is better AutoCAD or SolidWorks?


Solidworks vs AutoCAD inventor


Autocad inventor vs Solidworks

1) In other words, We have learned some knowledge of Solidworks cad as above.

2) Now Let’s know something about AutoCAD Inventor-

3) In addition, the Inventor is the evolution of Autodesk’s 3D parametric tool Designer.

4) However, It was released in 1999 as a direct competitor to SolidWorks.

5) Firstly, That means it is useful for 2D and 3D mechanical designs and Electrical designs the same as the Solidworks software with simulation and documentation tools, as well.

6) In other words, AutoCAD Inventor is free for students the same as AutoCAD.

7) Firstly, The Price of AutoCAD Inventor is $1,985 per year, per user.

8) In other words, 3D modeling and rendering features are the same as the Solidworks.

9) Realistic rendering features are also the same as the Solidworks.

Conclusion of AutoCAD Vs Solidworks

In conclusion, we can say that the AutoCAD Inventor and Solidworks both are the same software with some minor differences for 3D modeling and rendering.

Also, both have a wide range of simulations to test designs before coming to life.

In other words, The important thing is the price. AutoCAD Inventor is cheaper than Solidworks, especially for the initial setup.

You can say that AutoCAD Inventor is better than Solidworks as per price.

But you can go through any software as per your choice.

Above all, I hope you will understand AutoCAD vs Solidwork’s article.

People also ask:

1) Which is easier to learn AutoCAD or SolidWorks?

AutoCAD more used for drawings (2D drawings) as I said before but Solidworks is better for 3D work (Part modeling).

We can learn AutoCAD 2D easily by learning some tools of AutoCAD but 3D modeling in Solidworks will require a lot of practice and hard work because it is more complex.

So, If you have that question which is easier among AutoCAD and Solidworks, then the answer is AutoCAD is easier than Solidworks.

2) What should I learn first AutoCAD or Solidworks?

It is better if you start from AutoCAD. AutoCAD used as the basic tool for 2D drawings as I said before.

3) Is it necessary to learn AutoCAD before SolidWorks?

And it is necessary to understand the 2D drawings first. If you understand the 2D drawing first, then it will be easier to learn the Solidwork or 3D Modeling.

When you become good in AutoCAD, You are almost ready to do work in Solidworks.

So in my opinion, it is necessary to learn AutoCAD before Solidworks.

4) Why is SolidWorks the best?

Solidworks is a very productive 3D CAD software, with its integrated analytical tools and design automation to physical behavior.

Such as kinematics, dynamics, stress, deflection, vibration, temperatures, or fluid flow to suit all types of design.

There are many advantages that I have described above like 3D modeling, Photo realistic rendering, freehand sketch on touch screen devices, simulation, etc.

Therefore,  Solidwork is the best 3D modeling software, especially for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

5) Why is Solidworks so expensive?

Some reasons are given below:

The cost of any software is depending upon the features and functionality of the software and the solid work has graphics also. 

Solidworks is the parametric software and that has the ability to do change in the dimensions as well as geometry with some methods.

While another 2D or 3D software is not that much worthy to change the dimensions as well as the geometry changes.

Solidworks has technology of realistic rendering, it need high vector memory.

6) Can you convert SolidWorks to AutoCAD?

Yes, we can convert Solidworks to AutoCAD.

Follow these steps to convert Solidworks to AutoCAD:

Open AutoCAD 3D by changing the workspace to 3D modelling.

The go-to ‘Application menu’ and click on the ‘Insert’ option.

After that select the other formats option. One dialogue-box will be open.

OR you can directly type ‘INSERT’ in the command bar and press Enter key.

Select your Solidworks file and click on the open.

The Solidworks will be converted as a AutoCAD.

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